Where to Stay in Ngorongoro Crater

ngorongoro crater Tanzania

Where to stay when you visit the Ngorongoro crater?

Ngorongoro Conservation Area is the pioneering experiment in multiple land use. The park has the multiple purposes of integrating the protection of the local people with that of wild nature, The area is part of the Serengeti ecosystem and, to the northwest, adjoins the Serengeti National Park and is contiguous with the southern Serengeti plains. These plains also extend to the north into the unprotected Loliondo division and are kept open to wildlife through transhumance pastoralism practiced by the Maasai. The south and west of the area are volcanic highlands, including the famous Ngorongoro Crater and the lesser-known Empakaa Crater. The southern and eastern boundaries are approximately defined by the rim of the East African Rift wall, which also prevents animal migration in these directions.

If you plan to visit Ngorongoro or any other destination in Tanzania no need to fear about where to stay. There are many camps and lodge in and outside the Ngorongoro crater range from budget, midrange to Luxury. There are two campsites inside the Ngorongoro crater being Simba A and Simba B campsite.

Simba A campsite is a public campsite inside the Ngorongoro conservation area located in the South-East of the crater rim. This camp has two dinings, two kitchens and two sets of toilets. The Simba A campsite is the largest and most useful than Simba B by being closer to the crater and Loduare gate where most tourists come from. For those planning to visit Olduvai Gorge, there is no long-distance from the road. Remember to bring warm clothes because of the camp being cold during morning and night. 

Simba B campsite is one of the public campsites in Ngorongoro located on the South-Eastern rim of the Ngorongoro crater. This camp is next to an airstrip with an amazing view of the crater. For anyone who needs to use this camp, must do an earlier booking. Simba B is a location of the tented camp, so you can also book for. 

There are are also enough lodges inside Ngorongoro. It just depends if you want a mid-range or a luxury one. Not only lodges but also luxury private camps. You will always feel at home in the wild! No fear about the wild especially during the night hours, there is enough security at the campsites and lodges. If you want a memorable tour book your holiday with reputable Companies. Be aware of online scammers, who are promoting some of Tanzania destinations, spend your time researching the reputation of these companies by considering their legality especially certification to operate (Licences). Expect to meet many of them offering a very low price. Remember cheap is cost full. Despite online scams, believe you can still meet many best tour companies which will offer you the best service at the best price. Tanzania is the country with good people, friendly and helpful don’t hesitate to visit Tanzania. Hakuna Matata _Karibu Sana 

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