Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park
Established in 1960, one of the beautiful and small parks at 137 sq km. Arusha National Park is very close to Arusha town,one hour’s drive from the town. It covers Mount Meru, second-highest volcanic mountain in Tanzania with an elevation of 4566 meters above sea level. The park has different attractions like the Fig tree Arch, Lake Momela, Meru and Kilimanjaro viewpoint, Tululusia waterfalls and Ngurdoto Crater. The Ndurguto Crater also called he Little Ngorongoro, is an exciting site with a swamp floor and a volcanic cone that renders it a lost-world feel, lying in the South-East. 

The park consists of picturesque landscapes in three distinct areas. The shallow alkaline Momella Lakes in the North-East have varying algal colors and are known for their wading birds. In the West, the Meru Crater funnels the Jekukumia River with the peak of Mount Meru clinging to its rim. Arusha National park has a splendid variety of wildlife, some common animals including Zebra, the Black-and-White Colobus monkey, the Blue monkey, Cape Buffalo, Flamingo, Warthog, Lion, Elephant, and many more  African animals but the Leopards are rarely seen. You can also expect to see many forest bird species like Narina trogon and bar-tailed trogon. 

There are three public campsites inside this park.  Public Camp number one, Public Camp number two and Public Camp number three. Expect to see some animals around the campsite, the commonly seen animals are Dik-Diks, Monkeys, Rodents, birds and sometimes Buffaloes can be seen. All the camps are safe from dangerous wild animals.

Some of the attractions inside Arusha National Park

1: Mount Meru
Mount Meru (4566m) is one of Africa’s most beautiful volcanoes, it is the second-highest mountain in Tanzania after Kilimanjaro it is also the fifth-highest in Africa. The Mount Meru is located in Arusha National Park, In order to climb Mount Meru, you must get inside Arusha National Park where you meet rangers who will escort you to the last camp and way down back to the park gate. The trekkers of this mountain will get the opportunity to see different wildlife as well as enjoy nature. 

2 Buffalo Glade
Buffalo Glade or “uwanja wa mbogo” in Swahili is a large natural glade consisting of bushes, marsh, and streams which is located approximately 500 meters west of Momela gate inside Arusha national park. This is a very important feeding ground for Buffalos, Giraffes, and Warthogs. It is also a popular path for walking safaris inside the National park. Visitors who walk to Mount Meru and Tululusia waterfalls pass through this amazing ground.

3 Lake Momela
It is an alkaline lake located inside Arusha National Park, made up of seven lakes, such as small Momela, big Momela, Tululusia, Lekandiro, Kusare, El Kekhotoito, and Rishateni.

  • Big Momela: This is the largest of several alkaline lakes that are located inside Arusha National Park with a minimum depth and 10metres and Maximum depth of 30m which support microalgae.
  • Small Momela: This is one of the multitudes of alkaline lakes that are located within Arusha National Park. It is the second-largest after big Momela with a minimum depth of 4 meters and a maximum depth of 10metres.

4 :Ngurdoro Crater
The Ngurdoto crater is one of the five beautiful volcanic calderas located inside Northern Tanzania in the Arusha region. With an approximate depth of 300 meters and a diameter of 3.2 km, its floor is suitable for walking safaris because it is too soft to drive on. Experience the beautiful rainforest and swamp while you enjoying to see wildlife such as Monkeys, DikDik, Elephants, and Buffaloes. 

5 :Tululusia Waterfalls
One of the attractions you can see in Arusha National Park is Tululusia waterfalls. It is beautiful and the tall waterfalls approximately 28 meters in height. 

The walking to the waterfalls starts from Momela gate and so, both waterfalls’ visitors and Mount Meru hikers share the same path.

Things to do in Arusha National Park

  • Walking Safaris: One of the best Nationa Park for walking safaris with a scenic view. 
  • Canoe: It is a good place to enjoy canoeing in the lake Momela.
  • Horse riding: Another adventure in style to experience nature, wildlife, and birdlife.
  • Game drive: This park is small but beautiful, you can do a half or full game drive.

When to visit Arusha National Park
You can visit Arusha National Park at any time of the year but in the rainy season of March to late May you might not bee able to get the best view of Mount Meru due to clouds. Contact us if you have any question. Asante !

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