The pioneering experiments in multiple land use. The park has the multiple purpose of integrating the protection of the local people with that of wild nature, the latter, being divided into two bio geographical features, where by the west part bordered by Serengeti and the other part is the breathtaking of Ngorongoro crater on of natural wonders of the world. It is crater is awesome natural sanctuary for almost all large mammals’ species essential to the East African plain. Remarkably it include one of Tanzania critical endangered black rhino also the density of predators headed by lions and hyenas is the amazing in the world. Get to visit the only remaining primitive society in Africa migrated in Tanzania about 300 years back , the Maasai the king of jungle grazing their cattle at the mid of park as the only mercy for their thousands cattle starving for water and pasture. Easy and fast accessible throughout the year, the park locates 177 km from the town of Arusha. Blessing Safaris ! Will bring all these on your finger-tips