Home of Big elephants, Baobabs and the wonderful spectacle of African savanna, the Tarangire!, and the meeting point for the mightiest component of the wilderness is here where the magnificent herd of African Elephants to be found in northern Tanzania are to be found. With it is mercy-like river the Tarangire river life is spectacular during the dry season, when the migratory ungulates come back to the permanent waters of that river with the exceptional diversity of bird life. Day after day of cloudless skies. The fierce sun sucks the moisture from the landscape, baking the Earth a dusty red, the withered grass as brittle as straw. The Tarangire River has shrivelled to a shadow of its wet season self. But it is choked with wildlife. Thirsty nomads have wandered hundreds of perched kilometres knowing that here, always, there is water. Locate at the distance of 75 miles southwest of Arusha, the park is accessible throughout the year.