Tanzania Volunteer Programs


Volunteer with Blessing Safaris offers you the best potential for enjoying, learning and experiencing the real Tanzania. We accept volunteers in different fields such as education, health or socio-economic programs.

Whether you would like to spend your time in the village or in towns we can arrange a placement for you. Join the thousands of global activist by sharing your knowledge and supporting local schools, hospitals or women based projects in Tanzania. We do all the logistics to make sure you are safe and staying in a best enviroment. Community support is calling for you join us and make the change. Change start with you

Experience the big difference between your home countries and Tanzania! Experience the real cultural shock felt by most tourist in developing countries. Engage in learning some Swahili words and test them out at the local cuisine.

Engage in socio-economic projects carried out by women in local communities. Help empower these local Women’s and celebrate being part of great achievement.

Enjoy the best opportunities for walking safaris, bike tours, cultural tours, mountain climbing, beach holidays even wildlife safaris. Tanzania has a lot to offer in addition to learning.

In Africa, Tanzania is considered a stable country politically, where peace and tranquility are the pillars of the nation. Cases of political and religious conflicts have been rare for decades in Tanzania. And if they occur dialogues and debates became the means of conflict resolution. We are thankful to our founders for the harmonious relationships in our nation.

We coordinate everything to suit your needs while in Africa. We offer trips tailored to the desires of our clients. We offer these experiences to show our gratitude and appreciation to our communities. We keep our prices very reasonable with the hope of fulfilling our vision of creating a better place for all.

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